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What Would Happen to Australia if Trucks Stopped?

Empty highwayFigure 1. Empty highway | John Snape | Wikimedia Commons

In a data released by the National Transport Commission in 2016, Australia’s trucking industry reportedly dominated 30.4 percent of the freight transportation and logistics sector from 2013 to 2014. That said, the trucking industry can be considered a significant player that help boost the Australian economy.

With the advent of online shopping and e-Commerce businesses, many commercial transactions have now relied heavily on logistics. In fact, the Australian transport and logistics industry has an estimated annual revenue of around $96.65 billion. Simply put, trucks can be considered as the backbone of the Australian economy when it comes to the movement of goods.

However, regardless of only 5 percent contribution to the country’s total vehicle traffic, trucks are often blamed for causing congestion and road damage. This led some Australian state governments to impose truck bans on major roads. Now, before you blame heavy traffic to these trucks, here are some things that you should know if the whole Australian trucking industry disappears in a snap.

1. Medical facilities, hospitals, pharmacies, and other establishments that require timely truck deliveries of medical supplies, goods, and equipment will run out of stocks, jeopardizing the lives of people needing medical treatments.

2. No trucks will mean no deliveries of fuel. This will cause a significant increase in the price of available fuel and long lines at gas stations.

3. Without fuel, public services and manufacturing activities will halt. Thousands will be left jobless. Police, fire, rescue, and other public service vehicles will be rendered useless and will further endanger the lives of Australian citizens.

4. Marketplaces, grocery stores, restaurants, and other places where people primarily get their food and basic supplies will run out of goods other necessities to sell.

Figure 2. Supplies shortage | Danny Choo | Flickr.com

5. Australia will suffer from waste crisis as trash starts to pile up on roads, streets, and other places because there are no trucks to collect and bring them to waste collection facilities. Toxic waste will start to leak, leading to the spread of infectious diseases.

6. Australia will run out of clean water to drink. With no food and water to drink, famine will spread across the country.

These are just some of the scary things that might happen to Australia, and other countries, should the trucks suddenly stop. Apparently, a series of unfortunate events that could take down the entire Australian economy will be triggered if trucks cease its operations.