Ergo Pull Down Ratchet

The Benefits of Using Pull-Down (ERGO) Ratchet Straps

The benefits of using ergo ratchet straps go well beyond their ability to reach a higher pretension on loads.

When using a standard ratchet strap, you must push up to tighten the strap, whereas with an ERGO ratchet you pull the handle down to tighten.

Just think, if you tow a semi-trailer and do two loads a day. You could easily tighten 22 ratchet straps a day which in a year of 50 working weeks, working 5 days a week means you could tighten 5,500 ratchets a year.

This is where having the right equipment becomes so important. Compressing body 5,500 times a year while using a standard ratchet adds up to a fair amount of load on your back and wrists when you consider how hard you can push to get your load secure enough.

Using a standard ratchet is fine, however it is the repetition of using one that causes the damage.  If you use ratchet straps only on the weekends to strap down a toolbox on your ute etc. you are not likely suffer from a repetition injury.

However as you move into the realm of a professional driver you engage with ratchet straps on a daily basis and this is where it is essential that you use equipment that is going to help you get your job done easier and better while protecting your body from injury. Often due to the long hours Drivers work your body does not have adequate time to recover and rebuild torn muscles and ligaments that can be damaged from overexerting yourself when securing your load.

Injury due to repetition or, Repetitive strain injury (RSI) is very real and tightening a ratchet strap 5,500 times in a year is prime example of a task that you may not even consider to be a hazard.

Obviously 5,500 is a speculative number but it is just used to highlight how much you may use a piece of equipment without thinking about the impact that is has on your body.

Ergo Pull Down Rachet StrapKey Benefits of using an ERGO ratchet strap.

  • Not putting your back and wrists under compression.
  • Ability to reach a higher pre-tension on the strap using less effort.
  • Better ergonomics than a standard ratchet (hence the name) – i.e. it is easier to use and more effective.

Interesting Thought:

What other activities do you do on a day to day basis that could be made easier with the help of a better designed tool?

Let us know in the comments.

ERGO ratchet straps are available at

If you want to do what’s best for your body then the ERGO is for you!

Here is some helpful information on Repetitive strain injury:

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