Why is Load Restraint so Important

Why is Load restraint so important?

Load restraint is an essential part of transporting any type of item. There are several facets that surround load restraint. The key ones being as follows:

  • Protecting goods during transport
  • Safety
  • Complying with necessary regulations

Protecting goods during transport

Having correct load restraint will prevent point pressure, damage and stop any movement of loads. By using correct load restrain equipment such as rated straps, chains, load angles and friction mat you will be able to safely secure your load without damaging it.


As it is stated in the 2018 load restraint guide (NTC) “Loads that aren’t restrained properly can injure or kill and can cause significant property damage.

— If the load falls off it endangers the lives of other road users through a direct collision or by causing other drivers to swerve to avoid it.

— If the load moves forwards it can pierce the cabin and injure or kill the driver or passenger.

— If the load makes the vehicle unstable it can cause an incident, especially when taking corners.”


Complying with necessary regulations

Restraining loads is required by law and you are responsible for any load if you are involved in the packing, loading, moving or unloading of it.

Essential Load Restraint Equipment.

Equipment that can help you restrain you loads quickly and safely include some of the following items. Its is always important to check that the equipment you use complies with the law, is sufficiently rated so at to be capable of performing the required task and is free of any wear and tear.

Ratchet Straps

Most common size 2500kg x 9m long hook and keeper ratchet assembly.


Pallet Angles

Load angles are used to protect the load from straps crushing them, to support to the load and on some loads to protect the straps from being damaged by sharp edges.


Ratchet straps or chains are the pieces of equipment that provide the source of restraint on loads, having the correct straps for the task on hand is essential to working safely and efficiently.


Friction MatFriction mat is a load restraint aid that increases friction between the load and that vehicle tray/bed. Although friction mat doesn’t provide a total load restraint solution it greatly aids in reduction load shift and movement from sudden breaking and accelerating. Friction mat comes in standard sizes and also custom shapes to suit any load.