Ratchet Straps

How to Use Ratchet Strap

Using a ratchet for the first time can be confusing. Here, Buchanans breaks down the process in a time-efficient and safe way.

  1. Ensure both ends of strap assembly are clasped to secure tie-down point.

*These include all-round bars on truck or ute-tray.

  1. Thread strap through the spool of closed ratchet strap and take the end back on itself.
  2. Remove any slack by manually pulling excess stock through.
  3. Tighten the ratchet using the crank mechanism to desired tension.

To ensure safe stowage of the long tail, this simple but effective trick is recommended.

1. Starting with a tennis ball size loop, wind the excess strap up.


2. Make a secondary loop on the strap.

3. Place the secondary loop through the hole.


4. Take the inserted loop back over the entire roll of strap.

5. Pull tight to create a firm grip on the excess strap.

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