BUCHANANS  GROUP is an Australian family business, focused on manufacturing and supplying effective products that helps industry leaders  get their jobs done quicker and easier. We have a continuing focus on the development of new innovative and effective products which can be manufactured in our Australian facilities. Buchanans understands the importance of keeping manufacturing alive in Australia.


QUALITY – Our focus is on quality and service and this means Tegral products can be relied upon by our customers
QUICKLY – We realise that todays fast paced lifestyle we must supply whats needed in the fastest time possible.
QUANTITY – Becuase we are a manufacturer we have always been good at quantity. We believe we can offer the best products at the best price because we make so many of them.


To make our Team, Customers and Suppliers lives’ easier and simpler by supplying effective solutions through transparent, caring and personal transactions.

Buchanans Group ABN 50 682 507 308